HP Officejet 4355 All-in-One printer, fax, scanner, copier

This post is somewhat overdue as my colleague got this All-in-one HP box which functions as a printer, fax machine, scanner and copier at the same time a couple of months ago. Anyway, he was obviously happy with this purchase as he bought this at a bargained price. It was bought from Tesco at a very affordable price of RM349.

HP Officejet

Actually he was going to get a normal but cheaper Sharp fax machine at RM249 but saw this one when he walked out to pay. A quick calculation made him opt for HP Officejet. Only RM100 more and has so many features. Furthermore, it also uses ink cartridge No 27 which is the same for the other printer in our office. Very smart choice eh? 🙂

HP Officejet 4355

Look at the rectangular design in classic HP white color. This machine sits comfortably on a table in our office beside a computer monitor and leaves plenty of space for other stuff. The compact design has the in and out trays unfolding from the center and, once the front panel is snapped in place and the two cartridges loaded, you are immediately ready for action.

Ink cartridge

The menus for each function are visible on the black and white LCD display and, even without the extremely thorough manual, it’s very easy to work out how to set up everything, from the time and date to print speed and fax answering preferences.

HP all-in-one officejet prints up to up to 20 ppm. This figure is copied from HP’s website. Since we are very light weight when we come to printing, we never get close to printing so many documents to actually measure its printing speed. But, I think it prints reasonably fast and we have no complaints about that.

HP printer

The scan quality is pretty good too although I myself prefer a flatbed scanner. The Canon flatbed scanner is still my first choice when I need to do anything scanning.

In short, for the price, this is a portable and efficient all-in-one machine that’s worth checking out. Good buy for a SOHO environment.