Quickly eject USB devices

USB devices are really common these days, especially pendrives because they are much easier to use than the bulky DVDs, CDs or even the now obsolete Floppy Disks. Furthermore, pendrives are very cheap nowadays and the price is still dropping! One 8GB pendrive now should cost less than MYR10. But, the problem is that while […]

Bill Gates terrorizes Kuala Lumpur tech conference

What an interesting title to catch your attention! It caught mine at least… but it turned out to be a spectacular 4.6m holographic projection of Bill Gates, chairman of software powerhouse Microsoft Corporation. Instead of using the word “impresses” the crowd, the engadget article opted to use a stronger word “terrorizes” the crowd… That surely […]

Earn Cashbacks With Quidco

After writing about MySearchFunds, I came to realize that I do use another website to earn a little money to keep in my PayPal account. Mind you, I don’t have much money in my PayPal, just enough to pay off the annual fees of a few online accounts. The website that I have in mind […]