Leap Motion Gesture Control Beats Kinect In Every Way

Gesture control has been around for quite some time, the best examples being the Wii and the Kinect, or even the PlayStation Move. It always looks cool to be able to control something on-screen with just the flick of a wrist, or the wave of a hand. The problem with these existing controls are that […]

Wallpaper Helps You Deter WiFi Thieves

WiFi networks are prevalent everywhere, nowadays with less people wanting the hassle of tethered Internet. Many wireless devices require WiFi or 3G to connect to the Internet. What is most annoying about having WiFi is the people who will try to piggyback on your open network or try to hack your password. With this coated […]

ShelfX’s The Vending Fridge Charges What You Take Off The Shelf Automatically

Vending machines are great for convinience, and automatic payment has become much easier with barcode technology such as QR codes and RFID tags. Putting the two together, a Colorado-based company known as ShelfX is putting the technology to good use, with its new Vending Fridge.