Star Wars Toys & Games Carnival

Calling all you Star Wars fans out there! You all know that Star Wars has given the world much needed inspiration not just in entertainment, but also all sorts of technology including robotics, laser and even toy technology. You will be pleased to know that Hasbro is organizing a Toy & Games Carnival this weekend […]

Discovering the Best-Hidden Secrets of Penang, and it’s not about Technology

Today it’s time to take a break from Gadgets and Techno stuff. Instead we have decided to look at Penang, widely acknowledged to be the I.T. capital of Malaysia. Mention the word Penang… your imagination (and mine) would automatically venture to the beautiful stretch of beaches along Batu Ferringhi. But once you have driven past […]

How To Make Gmail Your Default Email Client

Sometimes, you really need to keep things simple. You don’t really want the full power of a Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird to handle the simple job of shooting an email as these programs tend to be overloaded. This is when promoting Gmail to the lofty position of default email client […]

Converting books to ePub format for your iPhone, Android and Smartphones

Welcome to the world of smartphones. These devices are ubiquitous and have started to infiltrate even the older generation who often find technology to be rather daunting. The iPhone and Blackberry revolution has even this bunch converted to Facebooking and Twittering. However, the reason why I bought a smartphone is because the large screen allows […]