Viber App Lets You Call, Text For Free Over 3G & Wi-Fi

The world is getting smaller with the advent of technology that allows us to connect to each other over long distances almost instantaneously. With Viber’s VoIP app, this is all the more true as it lets you call or text any one of your friends who also has the app installed.

Gaia Spacecraft’s Digital Camera Can Spot 10 New Planets a Day

Digital cameras have long been used photograph faraway stars and planets. While this technology is nothing new, the billion-pixel camera on the Gaia Spacecraft, to be launched by the European Space Agency in 2013 is nothing short of amazing. Gaia’s camera is said to be among the largest of its kind to ever exist, and […]

3D Chocolate Printer Prints Your Chocolate Designs

Moulding chocolate by using plastic or silicone moulds is nothing new, in fact, the art has been around for many years. Moulds can only make one set chocolate shape and you need many different moulds to create differently shaped chocolates. Combine chocolate moulding and today’s 3D printer technology and you have a match made in […]

PossessedHand Teaches You To Play Musical Instruments

Learning a new instrument is always a challenge to learn finger movements and such, but now, with the PossessedHand, an electric finger stimulator that makes your fingers move without any input from your brain.