Telekom Netmyne data center tour

Today was my lucky day as I get to follow my boss to the famous Telekom Netmyne data center which is located at Brickfields. My boss would like to co-locate a web server at the data center… as he needed some strong hands to help him carry the server, he asked me to tag along. […]

Install WordPress plugins with just one click!

How great it would be, if you could just install WordPress plugins and themes right away in your WordPress Admin panel (without using the FTP client)? Well, that’s exactly what Anirudh’s OneClick Plugin does. OneClick WordPress plugin allows WordPress admins to upload WordPress plugins or themes directly from the Admin control panel. All you have […]

List of Google acquisitions

I came across this great list of acquisitions by Google over the years, including acquisitions of both companies and individual products. Among the most notable acquisitions are (in my opinion): Pyra Labs (February, 2003) – this is exactly what becomes Blogger. Almost all bloggers I know start out on Blogger, the most widely use free […]

My new Compaq Presario laptop

I have just bought myself a brand new Compaq Presario laptop which costed about RM3500. Not extremely expensive, but should be expensive if we were to compare with a similar Dell unit. No many branded computers can beat Dell in terms of pricing I guess. The laptop is completely black in color. The glossy black […]

Google 2048

Any idea what your favorite search engine will look like in the year 2048? The below might give you an idea. And I guess the pornography radio button should be the most clicked one. 🙂 Take the picture above as inspiration.

Watch YouTube movies on your TV

Still remember Apple TV? Have you got yourself this latest entertainment gadget, put it beside your home theatre and LCD TV? At the moment, Apple TV plays movies, TV shows, music, photos, and podcasts only. But come mid-June, Apple TV will provide the link-up to YouTube’s hugh video catalogue. Basically, you will be able to […]

eBay acquires StumbleUpon for US$75 million

Auction giant eBay has recently acquired StumbleUpon, a San Francisco company that helps users discover and shre sites that fit their specific interests, for US$75 million. StumbleUpon has approximately 2.4 million users, and is growing quite rapidly. Bill Cobb, the President of eBay North America has the following to say; Our intent is to support […]