First Flash Tutorial

A popular form of web media today is interactivity Flash. Flash not only allows you to add interactivity into otherwise static and boring websites, it also allows web designers and programmers to express unlimited creativity in creating Flash games, or other forms of interesting gadgets. Flash is very common these days because almost all computers […]

Nintendo Wii latest innovations

Nintendo Wii is such a revolutionary gaming console. It not only appeals to hard-core gamers and the whole family, it’s also very multipurpose. Some smart people find that Wii can do a lot of things with a little imagination and modifications to the console. Check out the following latest Wii modifications. Wii light. Now you […]

Fake Name Generator

You are on a Top Secret Government Mission tonight. Your action will be your responsibility, if you get caught, the country will disregard you and you will be completely on your own. All the necessary equipments are ready, and soon you’ll be on your way. But alas, they forgot to give you a new identity! […]

Apple iPhone timeline

All the iPhone madness started at MacWorld 07 where Steve Jobs announced that Apple will soon be releasing a touchscreen phone called the iPhone. But did you know that one of the iPhone domain names owned by Apple, the was registered by Apple in the last century? Yes, it was way back in 1999! […]