Diffus Solar Panneled Handbag for the Ladies

When we hear of high-tech products of some sort, they are usually not geared towards the female market. Either the design of the product is aimed more to the male market, or it is usually not done with women in mind. The same could be said for the designs of solar-panel bags, and one such […]

Sharp Aquos Phone Hybrid 007SH, The Clamshell/Smartphone Hybrid

In this day and age, it seems almost everyone has done away with the humble clamshell phone and has opted to buy themselves a swanky touchscreen smartphone. Although it looks like the clamshell phone has mostly lessened in popularity over the years, it still holds strong with the Japanese population. This is probably why the […]

Samsung AMOLED Foldable Display

As our technology advances, the size of our gadgets seem to have decreased, and the same can be said for our mobile devices too. As much as everyone loves wants their tablets and mobile phone displays to be large, there is sometimes still the issue of portability. Here’s some very promising research from the Samsung […]

Flexible PaperPhone: The Future Flexible Mobile Phone?

Mobile phones today are multitasking machines that we all know and love, but let’s take it to another, more flexible level. In this case, it’s literal with the Flexible PaperPhone, the world’s first of its kind. Developed by a team of researchers from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, they believe that this new communication device […]

World’s First Zombie-proof House

Time for a little architectual geekery this week, with the world’s first proper zombie-proof house. Anyone who’s ever watched a decent zombie movie (28 Days Later, anyone?) or played one of those nightmare-inducing zombie games (say, Left 4 Dead), will want this zombie-proof house as their humble abode. Designers KWK Promes has dubbed the design […]