New Google Phone, Nexus One

The net has been abuzz lately ever since rumors that Google is actively participating in creating a phone running on their Android platform. Unlike Android-running phones from companies like HTC and Motorola, this phone will be designed directly by Google to be the true ‘Google Experience Phone’. With such a mighty promise, one is certainly […]

File Sharing evolves: DHT, PEX and Magnet explained

For many of us who are reliant of Bit Torrent to access content, significant efforts started by copyright holders have slowly chipped away at the technology and rightfully so as many corporate figures view the technology as a threat to their business model and prefer to follow a raze-and-burn tactic rather than see how to […]

HP Mini H110 Netbook

Meet my new baby… the HP Mini Netbook. Now I’m not a mini device freak…. Netbooks, PDAs or even iPhones. I got my iPhone before everyone else in Malaysia… around November 2007 I think. All I did was use it as a normal mobile phone, played a few games on it, used the super-duper browser […]

Install Android on your HTC Windows Mobile phones

Google, the land of milk and honey, have smashed open the smartphone market when they released their Android platform for free to developers and in one fell swoop, gave a huge stride forward for smartphones everywhere. Traditionally, the smartphone market relied on specific operating systems such as Nokia’s Symbian, Palm’s PalmOS and Apple with their […]