2006 YouTube Video Awards winners announced

Not too long ago, YouTube held an online videos awards called “YouTube Video Awards”. The main purpose is to honor the best-user generated videos of 2006 across seven categories which are Most Inspirational, Most Creative, Best Series, Best Comedy, Musician of the Year, Best Commentary and Most Adorable Video Ever. Youtube users were given one […]

How to recover deleted files?

You have just accidentally deleted your 3 years worth of xxx pictures collection. You sweat, a and desperately wanting to recover the files! How can you undelete them? No worries. On default Windows configuration, Windows does not delete the files at all when you press the delete button. It simply moved the files to the […]

Login Windows XP faster…

It’s frustrating to have to click on your username every time to get into Windows XP, the boot up process already takes ages, now I will still need to click on the user name to login… Is there a way to get rid of this stupid login as I am the only user and I […]

When can we get Playstation 3 in Malaysia?

It’s reported that the next-generation gaming console from Sony – the much hyped Sony Playstation 3 was released in Australia today. Tonnes of hardcore gamers queued tens of hours in advance in order to be the first to grab the hottest console on earth. Australian gamers will be the first outside of the United States […]

Adsense ready WordPress theme

Are you looking for a nice WordPress theme for your blog, and yes I know, you want the theme to be Adsense optimized? Look no further, try Carl Ocab’s Adsense ready WordPress theme which is very much based on the popular K2 theme. The WordPress theme includes 2 ad units and 1 link unit, which […]

Free software download everyday

Looking for a place to download some of the best commercial software for free? Yes, look no further, Giveaway of the Day offers licensed software you’d have to buy otherwise, for free, everyday! Yes, you heard me all right, they are giving away software for free, and you can download them from their site, right […]