Dell WASABI Zink printer

The Zink ink-less printing technology has been covered before, but thanks to Dell, they are about to enjoy major critical and commercial success. Nobody sells computers like Dell, and if they start offering this with their laptops as accessories, we might be seeing this everywhere soon. The WASABI is the name of the printer by […]

iPod Touch on Android?

I think it would be much easier if they marketed this as a cheaper iPod Touch running on Android. However, the unfortunately named GiiNii Movit does have some potential brewing underneath the funny name. First of all the specs… it packs a 4.3-inche touchscreen goodness and a resolution of 480×272, which is a tad smaller […]

CES 2009: Vuzix VR Glasses

The last time Vuzix tried with a VR, they created a product which is not only ghastly ugly to put on your head, crucially it also makes you look like a supernerd, cobbled together from the remains of lesser nerds. You wouldn’t want to be caught wearing this ANYWHERE, not even in your own home. […]

FLATMII Mods Nintendo Wii, bypasses DVD-ROM drive

Nintendo have been fighting piracy ever since the days of the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System). Even up to the days of the Dreamcast, they have adopted the stance that games should be on proprietary format (cartridges, special Dreamcast media, etc) but for the Wii, they have decided that maybe the reason why they’re not […]

CES 2009: New HP Laptops

The tech industry is facing a slump, but for some that means innovation and will be the key to success. The annual Consumer Electronics Show 2009 saw a subdued reaction this year, but that had not prevented HP from revealing some new laptops coming out during the event. In total there were five new laptops, […]

Install Apple OS X Leopard onto MSI Wind Netbook

The community of hackintoshes, or Macintosh operating systems running on non-standard Apple hardware, has been a vibrant one, albeit silent but that doesn’t mean some of their great achievements should be ignored. Well the latest thing to appear from the hackintosh community is the ability to install Mac OSX Leopard into a diminutive budget netbook […]