Top 5 Gadgets for Women

Men love cars and electronic gadgets. Women love clothes and shoes. Those taglines are a blast from the past. Nowadays, men too are conscious about their wardrobes and women are beginning to appreciate hi-tech equipment. Here are our Top 5 gadget picks that could take the female market by storm in the months to come! […]

Office 2010: The 64-bit Question

Office 2007 introduced a lot of new features and a brand new Ribbon interface that has fans either loving it or despising the way the whole thing functioned. That was three years ago. With 2010, a new Office release is scheduled to hit stores in June, earlier if you keep your eyes peeled on torrent […]

A World Cup Experience – Forget 3D, It’s Time for 3D LED TVs!

If you thought Sony’s recently launched 3D TVs were hot, I guess it’s time you check out Samsung’s all-new 3D LED TVs. Aimed at revolutionizing the way home-viewers watch the telly, Samsung’s brilliant new technology has been unveiled at exactly the right time, just about three months before the World Cup kicks off! Imagine watching […]

Getting the most out of your Netbooks

So you’ve caved into the corporate marketing machine and got yourself a fancy little netbook which looks like a smaller notebook and behaves exactly like one, just slower and more annoying to use due to the small keyboard and screen. Well, you get what you paid for, so what can you do to get the […]