Wish to appear on top position in Google?

You wish to appear on the top position in Google? That’s the magic question asked in an email from Exabytes (Malaysia’s largest web hosting company) which I received this morning. As usual their emails, or rather newsletters are nicely designed, but what caught my attention was the prove they show that they can make you […]

PIKOM PC Fair 2007 coming again!

It doesn’t matter if you have missed the previous two rounds of PIKOM PC Fair, or you simply miss the PC Fair babes because a third round is coming to us real soon! Yes, you saw it in the news. Malaysia’s largest ICT fair is back with even more irresistible gadgets and computer accessories… and […]

YouTube on your Desktop

You watch YouTube vidoes? I am sure you do, who doesn’t these days? There are perhaps millions of videos on YouTube for free viewing 24 hours a day that some people have forgotten what is TV these days! You don’t have 18SX shows on Malaysian TV, but you can watch uncensored XXX clips on YouTube. […]

What an amazing LAN party!

A friend of mine forwarded this large scale LAN party picture to me. Look at the number of computers… the hall must be damn warm since some participants were seen half naked! Haha… If you have no idea what’s a LAN party… let’s check what Wikipedia has to say: A LAN party is a temporary, […]

Aztech DSL phone splitter

If you have bad Streamyx connection, such as intermittent or frequent disconnection, one of the likely cause could be a faulty splitter. Although I agree that 90% of the time it’s due to problem at Streamyx side. Anyway, to improve Streamyx’s speed and stability, it’s important to get a good phone splitter. The one from […]

IT World, Mid Valley Megamall

Not too long ago, I brought you on a tour to Digital Mall. This is of course a good place to check out or buy whatever latest gears and gadgets you want, including the latest iPhone and iPod Touch. But for KL or even some Petaling Jaya folks, IT World at Mid Valley Megamall should […]