Looking for a good mouse

I have been doing some research as I’m looking to put down some cash on a good mouse, but I want to maximize my performance per dollar ratio in order to get the best deal. And with today’s competitive gaming mouse market, you are bound to be blindsided by the incredible amount of advertising and […]

iPhone 3G ad

Recently, Apple announced that iPhone applications in App Store has reached a staggering 15,000 applications. This is certainly a huge jump in a very short period of time compared to the previous milestone of 10,000 applications which took up to 4 months to reach! Anyway, let’s check out iPhone’s latest ad. What do you think? […]

NVIDIA Ion platform

More details have been revealed on NVIDIA’s Ion platform, and this is really good news for the future of low-cost netbooks out there. Essentially, the Ion platform is like Intel’s Centrino marketing brand; it basically means it’s a pairing of Intel’s Atom processor with NVIDIA’s 9400M GPU in a small and compact motherboard packaging. The […]