World’s cheapest laptop at RM350

Do you think I am crazy if I told you that you can get a brand new laptop at RM350 only? Yes, these laptops which cost no more than RM350 are new and not refurbished computers! These are actually the long awaited US$100 (RM350) mini-computer from the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative. It is […]

Speed up Outlook

I am sure most of you who use Outlook will experience this. After one or two years using Outlook, the number of emails you have received over the years run into the hundreds or even thousands, and the folder tree on the left pane of Outlook is starting to look like Jalan Bukit Bintang at […]

Free anti-virus software

These days, computer viruses are more sophisticated, smart and aggressive than ever. However, with the proper anti-virus software in place, you can confidently keep your data safe and your computer free of infection. But the price to pay for these anti-virus software such as Norton Anti-virus and McAfee suites is a hefty sum. Thankfully there […]

Hugh Hard Disk in the year 1956

OMG, that’s a beast in the year 1956. What’s that? A cabinet or refrigerator? No, it’s a hard disk with a storage capacity of 5MB. Don’t look down at this tiny capabity at today’s standards, 5MB was record breaking at that time! In September 1956 IBM invented the first computer with a disk storage system, […]

Beautiful tech girls from my office

Our office has a technical department that handles all the technical stuff related to IT, computer and the office network. The team is not big, but they are the people to look for whenever you have problem with your computer. Among the team members, we have two wonderful tech girls (a.k.a. IT girls). You ever […]

Recall sent emails in Outlook

I believe sometimes you landed yourself in a situation where you want to stop an Outlook email from being delivered and read. You tried desperately hitting the “Esc” key on your keyboard, but this doesn’t help much… There may be times where you send an email but quickly realize that you didn’t mean to send […]

Valentine’s Day Video Greeting Cards

We all love getting Valentine’s Day cards. It used to be fun to send and to receive animated greeting cards. But those are outdated now. What’s new in town is video greeting cards. So this year, let’s share the love in a new way – send a Valentine’s Day Video Greeting Card to your loved […]

Download YouTube Videos is an excellent website that allows you to watch videos on their servers for free. You can also upload your own videos to the website and share it with the world! These are great but unfortuneatly, YouTube doesn’t allow you to download these videos. But, don’t worry because we have found a website that […]

Copy and paste data from DOS screen

If you’re still using DOS or console mode programs that output results to the screen directly, you maybe looking for a way to capture what’s displayed on the screen. There is no popup menu, no drop down menu… so, how to copy and paste data from and to the screen/program? Let me share with you […]

Minimize all open windows quickly

How do you usually minimize open windows or running programs on your Microsoft Windows powered PC? I bet you click on the minimize button located at the upper right corner of a window/program to close it. There is nothing wrong with this, but this layman’s method is too slow if you want to get to […]