How to Upgrade Ubuntu Desktop 9.10 to 10.04 Lucid Lynx

OK! Ubuntu 10.04 (“Lucid Lynx”) is almost upon us now. It has hit BETA 1, a step up from ALPHA 3 (more than a week ago) and is to be officially released on April 29, 2010. If you’re a Windows user who occasionally (pretends to) dabble in Linux, and has forgotten how to upgrade, here […]

A Chumby for You

Have you ever heard of a Chumby? No? Me too. Until today that is. A Chumby is a small little Linux computer built into a cushion. Yes, that’s what it looks like. Chumby is made to provide its users with Internet and LAN access via a Wi-Fi connection. It is actually a small touch screen […]

Download free Ubuntu Magazine

Ubuntu is a very popular Linux distribution particularly within home or personal computer users. Based on Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu is very strong on usability, ease of installation, and freedom from legal restrictions. As the Ubuntu community continues to grow rapidly, so does the resources available for the users. Some time ago, the community has come […]

Linux never looked so good!

When I looked at my blog, it looked so plain and boring. Yes, I know that. So, I looked into my hard drive to see if I can find something to brighten up the site, and baby look what I have found! Linux certainly never looked so good, not in a million years! Hahaha… Any […]