Corporate theme for WordPress

It has been a while since I released my Corporate WordPress theme. Never had I imagine the response will be so encouraging, from a couple of downloads and users, now the theme is being used proudly on many WordPress powered blogs. I have no download counter on this blog so I am not sure how […]

Stupid computer

Sometimes when things do not work, you tend to blame on the stupid idiot box. This is especially true with programming for example… I am sure it’s very common for programmers, you are rushing to meet the deadline and your code somehow just doesn’t work! Guess what you do next? Throw the stupid computer out […]

Running Telnet on Windows Vista

I know people might have forgotten what’s Telnet already because this ancient old program is not secure and people have more favor for secure Telnet and SSH clients such as Putty. Telnet is not even installed in standard Windows Vista installation. Nevertheless, Telnet is still useful if you just want to use it to troubleshoot […]

iPhone WordPress theme

I think something must be wrong with me. It has been iPhone, iPhone and more iPhone. I see iPhone in everything. Now, even a new WordPress theme based on Apple iPhone! Maybe I am infected with the iPhone disease and cracking a WordPress theme is the temporary cure until iPhone’s price drop to an affordable […]

Proton ghost ad

I haven’t been watching much local TV channels lately, so I am not sure if you have seen this ad on TV before… or has it ever been aired on TV before? Anyway, I assure you it’s creative and quite funny, don’t hide behind a pillow while watching this. The ghost ad basically shows two […]