Advertisements to Turn Heads

Go out anywhere today and take a look. Unless you are in Siberia or some other remote place, everywhere around you there will be promotions or advertisements telling you to buy something, try something, or just plainly conveying information to you. Just as the Internet is no spammed with ads, we often forget that the […]

Tools to enhance Facebook and Twitter

The phenomenal growth of Facebook and Twitter has made a huge impact on the online communities, and these websites continue to push what is possible in Web 2.0, developing new technologies to deal with interesting new problems posed by having such fast, instant communication possible all the time and also in enhancing the look and […]

Hulu – The Next Best Thing in Video Streaming

So we are all familiar with YouTube and Metacafe, both serve as video streaming platforms for users to upload and share video clips. But what about Hulu?? As I was reading through an article: You Like Hulu: Video Site Shows Strong Growth, I was having jaw-dropped moments when it announces that Hulu has been showing […]