IRL Zombie Game Gets You Out Of Your Chair and Into The Streets

Zombie games are awesome, that’s generally a given, but sometimes it’s good to get off the couch and get some fresh air outside too. Apparently, some people have picked up on the idea of putting them together, so (with a bit of backing), the game ‘Zombies, Run!’ might just be heading to your smartphone very […]

Ecko Zip Earbuds Lets You Play Music Through A Zipper

Form and functionality don’t always go hand in hand, but when they do, the results are usually spectacular. That can definitely be said for the new line of ECKO UNLTD earbud headsets, which allows you to listen to your favourite tunes, without having to worry about your cords tangling up everywhere.

Wacom Inkling Digitises What You Draw With Pen and Paper

An indespensible tool for the designer has always been a good graphics tablet, and as far as that goes, Wacom makes arguably the best tablets out there. Tablets are obviously good for digital work, but of course some may say that they prefer the traditional side of doing art with a pen or pencil. The […]

Your Dream Vacation… In Space

When we think of space travel today, what comes to mind would probably be the International Space Station (ISS), with all their astronauts and cosmonauts. Although there has long been talk of space tourism, where the non-scientist can visit space for fun, Russian company Orbital Technologies is taking it a step further with its plans […]