Intel research makes Legos and Groceries interactive

As our technology advances, so it has mingled the virtual and the real world. The best example of this intermingling is known as augmented reality, in which real-world objects can be used to interact with the virtual world and vice versa. Helping this along is depth cameras that allow you to carry out various tricks […]

Cool science with Nokia’s ice touchscreen

Touchscreens have graced many a device, and they’re seen almost everywhere today, from kiosks on the street, to the various hand-held devices we use everyday. Putting a twist to the old formula, Nokia’s research lab in Tampere, Finland has built a touchscreen display out of blocks of ice.

Able2Extract PDF Converter

Nowadays there are a lot of software that helps you convert from MS Word to PDF format. But ever wonder how you can do the reverse? (ie convert from .pdf to .doc format) Able2Extract Professional is no ordinary PDF converter software.  It can convert a PDF file into Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, Openoffice, HTML, autoCad […]