Samsung NC215S Solar Netbook To Be Released Next Month

Remember the post I did on that conceptual Solar Powered laptop a couple of weeks ago? Well, that has actually been realised by Samsung as the NC215S.

SWITL Robot Picks Up Spilled Condiments Leaving No Mess

Anyone who has ever tried to wipe spilled ketchup or mayonaise off a table-top will know that it takes more than one or two wipes to clean the table entirely. Cleaning up these types of spills are always tedious, so a company in Japan has invented the SWITL (it isn’t clear if this is an […]

Get your Comic Book Degree at Dundee University

Comic books are such a part of popular culture today that almost anyone will have read them at some point of their lives. It hasn’t been unheard of for you to be able to study the craft in places like Japan, but it must be a first for any university to offer the subject as […]

The First Fully Solar-Powered Laptop

Solar-powered products are gaining more and more attention, as our society urges us to use cleaner and renewable energy. In vein with solar-powered products that help make our world a greener place, here’s an interesting concept from Industrial Designer Andrea Ponti and his concept for the Luce Solar Panel Powered PC.