German Factory Manufacturing Human Skin Goes Online

Technology today is speeding along at a speed at which is almost incomprehensible. Yesterday’s science fiction may very well become today’s science fact. Though are some facts stranger than fiction? It certainly must be true as we are now able to mass-produce human skin at a low cost for clinical testing and other uses. The […]

The Collector: Conceptual USB Device To Turn microSD Cards Into Refillable Thumb Drive

Ever wonder what you are going to do with all your microSD cards that are lying around? Most of them must only have a few of gigabytes in capacity, and they’re so small and easy to lose anyway, if they’re not sitting nice and snug in a device. A lot of them must have come […]

Tourists Model As Their Very Own 3D Souveneirs

This is a rather more interesting take as souvenirs go, because it isn’t every day you can strike a pose on the street, and instead of having it immortalised in your digital camera, you get to bring it home with you as your very own 3D-printed sculpture. For two weekends in January 2011, on Barcelona’s […]

Young Engineer Wins Prize for Electronic Drum Trousers

I’ve always love the idea of incorporating musical instruments into our everyday clothing. There was one where a keyboard was built into a jacket. Now, a 17 year old student of Hymers College in England has created a pair of jeans that double as a drum kit. Aseem Mishra won the senior age group title […]