Hand-held Medical Scanner Detect Health Level

It certainly sounds something straight out of Star Trek, but believe it or not, this scanner is reality. The scanner is able to detect if a patient is healthy or not just by pointing it at the skin. Development on the scanner was carried out over a period of five years by a group lead […]

Massive 3D Touchscreen

Touchscreens are always fun to play with and they’re definitely a cool element to have with an interactive audience. There have been many forms that the touchscreen has taken on, even as ice, but I think this is one of the coolest (no pun intended) one yet.

RD Mute, Android App That Mutes Your Phone

Well, there are obviously plenty of reasons for you to mute your phone. I do it when I’m working, sleeping, driving in my car, and at the cinema. Whatever your reasons for doing it, it’s not always ideal for you to have to pick up your phone and fiddle with the settings. I know I’m […]

Epson Launches A3+ Inkjet Printer: Ensures Saleable Medium Quality Prints

Most of the time, artists, designers, photographers and the like have to rely heavily on printing companies in order to get proper saleable good-quality prints that are able to last and meet the customer’s criteria. At the other side of the spectrum, home printers nowadays are becoming cheaper and much more affordable to the laymen. […]