World’s First Solar Geo Plant in Nevada

Electricity is something most, if not all of us take for granted every day. We rely on it for our comfort and also for convenience. To generate this electricity we need resources, some reusable and some not. For the first time ever, Enel Green Power has set up a power plant that generates electricity from […]

IndoorAtlas Helps You Navigate Indoors Using Geomagnetic Fields

Navigation comes easily in animals, and it seems to be an innate ability for migrating animals to be able to navigate using the geomagnetic fields of the Earth. IndoorAtlas hopes to bring this ability to us as well, not to navigate the long distances that mirating animals travel but to help us find our way […]

MIT Display Includes Peripharal Vision, Real-Time Renders

Digital displays of all sizes are used everyday to tell us all sorts of information, or they are used for our entertainment. Television screens are becoming increasingly larger, but this is only helpful to those who can afford these huge displays or if they have the room for it. MIT Media Lab researchers want to […]