Top 5 Travel Gadgets

Fancy travelling with some of the coolest gadgets around to keep you company? Here’s a collection of the trendiest and most sophisticated devices that one should carry while on the move. Without delay, the list itself: 1) The GPS Navigator! Forget about ever getting lost again! GPS-based navigators are the in-things of the moment, with […]

Avatar: The Game

Year 2009 closed off grandly with the much anticipated release of epic science fiction film, Avatar by James Cameron, 12 years after his success with Titanic, the highest grossing film of all time. Avatar, which was originally scheduled to be filmed after the completion of Titanic had to be postponed as the technology required to […]

Digi, Celcom, Maxis, P1 Wimax, U Mobile, Streamyx, Infolient – which broadband is better for you?

Which is the best broadband in Malaysia? If you’re not really into the techno jargon, maybe this scenario comparison will help you (we have compiled a list of broadband packages here): I’m a heavy online gamer / media downloader. I need fast and stable internet connection. Streamyx 1.0mbps / 2.0mbps / 4.0mbps (if your area is being covered) […]

Embracing 4G Phones for 2010

There has been a lot of speculation recently in regards to the emergence of 4G mobile phones in 2010. And Nokia has come forward and disclosed that they will be among the frontrunners in this segment of the cell phone market by introducing 4G device hardware by utilizing the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard in […]

Broadband Providers in Malaysia

Has the Internet been part of your life for some time? Without a fast internet connection, our lives are miserable, right? And here comes the broadband service providers to save us from the misery of slow and expensive dial up connection. Here’s the handful of broadband providers in Malaysia who are ready to brighten your […]