Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner

What’s Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner? This long name itself is hard to pronounce in one breathe… but that’s exactly what prompted me today when I wanted to transfer a file to my friend in Windows Live Messenger. To be exact, I was transferring an EXE file. Windows Live Messenger… (MSN for short) alerted of […]

Biggest PR drop, from PR8 to PR3

Maybe I should be contented with my blog’s PageRank of 3. Why should not when I am on the same level with the world’s most widely used video sharing website YouTube, as far as PR is concerned! This should be the biggest PR drop, from a strong PR8 to a mere PR3! What a surprise… […]

How to get a giant Firefox sticker for free?

I have to admit the title of this post is designed to bait you to read! Hahaha… have I not done a good job? 🙂 Anyway, I did in fact have a good proposal with which you might get a giant Firefox Fathead sticker delivered to you absolutely free of charge (FOC)! This Giant Firefox […]

I can afford a Porsche Carrera?

Let’s take a break from the recent Google PR excitement and relax a little. Let me present you a Porsche Carrera which I might be able to afford. Anyway, I just guess it’s a Carrera, I hope I am not wrong because I haven’t done my research on Porsche cars yet. 🙂 Striking read Porche […]

Google PageRank drops because of paid links?

Wow, looks like Google is doing a lot of work this month. After the very controversial PageRank update just two weeks ago that affected many websites, Google had another round of PageRank update which affected even more websites and blogs. Many popular websites and blogs which are trusted sources of good content were hit too. […]

A gorilla and a hooker

If you wonder what you should do with the extra hangers you have, perhaps you can try to turn them into a gorilla! Seriously, I have no idea how David Mach twisted and turned all the hangers into a gorilla of this size. Definitely taller than you and me! If you didn’t like gorilla, maybe […]

Windows 7 (Vista successor) presentation

Earlier this month, Microsoft’s distinguished engineer Eric Traut gave a presentation at the University of Illinois about Microsoft’s virtualization technology. He also talked about where the Windows core is going and ended with a sneak peek at the kernel of the next version of Windows (Windows Vista successor), known by the exciting codename of Windows […]