Watch Prison Break, 24 and Lost for free

Folks, good news. You can watch your favorite TV shows, such as Prison Break, 24 and Lost for FREE. You not only have absolute access to these three famous thrilling dramas, there are loads more including the latest episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Family guy, Desperate Housewives, House and Ugly Betty. (That’s one of my favorite […]

Google is now 9 years old

Google, you are now 9 years old already. Be a good boy and serve us good quality and relevant ads please. Yeah, ads that pay US$10 for every click! Hahaha… How do you like Google’s birthday logos over the years above? Read more about Google’s history to understand the world’s most used search engine better. […]

What is your Streamyx speed?

Everyone complain his Internet connection is slow. Those who are using Tmnet dial-up say so… those who are using Streamyx also complain Tmnut is cheating on them because they do not notice any speed improvement, or more precisely constant disconnection especially when they are using Bittorent to download movies! Let’s test our Internet speed today […]

My girlfriend and I now chat through webcam

Check out my new webcam which I bought from PC Planet in Tesco, Puchong. I know nothing about web cams and the salesman gave me three options. Frankly, the one from AVF looked awesome in the design department, and it felt good in my hands too. I believe it should fit well on a laptop […]

Smiley emoticon is 25 today :-)

One of the most widely used emoticon is the cute smiley face which consists of the ubiquitous ‘colon-hyphen-parenthesis’. I believe everyone love to use this especially in emails and blog posts. Do you know how its use started? Twenty-five years ago, a Carnegie Mellon University professor by the name Scott E. Fahlman sent a message […]

Unitech RF scanner

Not many of us has seen an RF scanner before… not to mention touching and playing with it. Well, I had the opportunity to do just that today and needless to say I had lots of fun with it. Took a couple of pictures too. The picture above is not very clear because it was […]