Delivering Great Presentations like Steve Jobs

With the announcement of Apple iPad just behind us, it’s time to look at the legend behind Apple’s meteoric success, CEO Steve Jobs and his captivating presentations. What is the secret to this man’s success? Well, beyond the obvious hard work, practice, and attention to detail to each and every one of his slides and […]

Broadband FAQs

If you’re looking at our previous post on broadband providers and packages in Malaysia, chances are that you may be shopping around for the right broadband package. Here we shed some light on the commonly used jargon to help you out… Broadband FAQ *kbps – Kilo bits per second. For example, 512kbps is equal to […]

Will Apple iPad Succeed?

The recent Apple event reveals for the first time Apple’s latest creation – the iPad. The hype that has been churning since 3 years ago has culminated to this point and the results are… well, not as exciting as I had hoped. But for the millions of Apple fanatics out there, the iPad will be […]