Spray-On Antenna: Extend Your Signal Anywhere

There are plenty of products that come in spray cans, from food items to paint, fragrances to cheese. There’s nothing unique about the spray can, and pretty much everyone’s used one before. So putting this convenience with increasing your phone signal, Chamtech Enterprises has unveiled the spray-on antenna at Google’s Solve for X recently.

iModela 3D Milling Machine: Mini 3D Sculptor

With more and more interest being generated on 3D printing, there’s still a relatively high hurdle to be crossed, with current 3D printers being still so pricy. Roland’s new iModela 3D mill will hopefully change this, offering up users the chance to make their own 3D objects at home.

The Pirate Bay’s Physibles: Download Physical Objects

Downloading files from the Internet is obviously nothing new, in this digital age. Video, audio, text and images can all be uploaded and downloaded as long as one is connected to the web. Putting a twist on this, The Pirate Bay (torrent and magnet link host) has put up a new category known as ‘Physibles’ […]