Instant Translation of Foreign Signs with this iphone App

The future is certainly now with this interesting new iphone app developed by Quest Visual. In a mix of image recognition technology and augmented reality, the app, Word Lens, functions by having the user point their iphone camera at a foreign language sign and having it instantly translated in video by the app on their […]

Playable Game on Front Porch; Made Entirely of Christmas Lights

Here’s something incredibly fun for the Christmas season. Maker of last year’s ‘Chiristmas Lights Hero’, Ric Turner (former Disney ‘imagineer’ and special effects specialist) is back again this year, with a brand new game on his front porch. This year, he has come up with ‘Snowball Blaster’.

Shape-Memory Polymer: Self-Healing Plastic that Fixes Itself

Sounds like something straight out of a science-fiction movie, but brace yourselves, it’s today’s reality. This amazing new material is now being developed by the researchers in Arizona State. It is said to be self-diagnosing and self-healing, which means that it can detect the presence of damage and regenerate itself.