Two great alternative web browsers for Mac, Shiira and Camino

If you are a Mac user then you could use one of the 4 major browsers (excluding Internet Explorer) such as the default Safari, Firefox and Opera. These tie up 99% of the browser market but that doesn’t mean you have to be restricted to only these applications. There are a number of very viable […]

Frostwire vs Limewire

Months ago, the original creators of Limewire, a popular bit torrent downloader, left and formed Frostwire. So, I decided to run a test to see which one is far more superior to the other. The tests in this little experiment consists of loadtime, looks, search results, download speed and other extra features.. But, enough talking. […]

Best Online Office Suites quick reviews

The concept has been around for decades now, in fact ever since the very birth of the Internet itself. One day online web services would take over from OS-bound conventional desktop software and we would have access to all our data from anywhere and at anytime. As of yet no application has successfully bridged the […]

5 reasons to love Playstation 3 (and why you should get one now)

Playstation 3 was once known as the most expensive, over-priced next generation games console. This lasted for a while, before people started to find out the real potential of Playstation 3. This is not only a game console, it’s a computer, an entertainment center (and a high-def too!) and with the firmware upgrades Sony has […]

Upgrade to Firefox 3, set a record!

Mozilla has officially announced the release date for the latest and greatest edition of their popular Firefox browser. June 17th, 2008 is the official Firefox Download Day. To make things more interesting than a typical software release, Mozilla is attempting to organize a Guinness World Record Breaking attempt for the most software downloads in 24 […]