360-Degree 3D Fog Display

By now, 3D displays are nothing new, with 3D being rampant everywhere from the cinemas, to your home theatre system and even to handheld gaming devices. Some of these systems have improved upon the idea, with the first step in removing the ever prevalent 3D glasses. Now, the researchers at Osaka Universiti‘s Oshiro Lab have […]

Kinect Puffersphere: DIY Creepy Eyeball That Tracks You Around The Room

Kinect hacks are aplenty out there, and there are many strange and wonderful things that people have come up with to make the virtual and real world a much more interactive place. This little do it yourself is sure to be a favourite amongst Lord of the Rings fans. The ‘hack’ allows for one to […]

Panasonic Solar-Powered Wireless Charging Table

In this day and age of the technological era, we are still highly dependent on non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels. In the move to greener and more environmentally friendly sources of energy, we have turned to the power of the Sun. In this case, I think it’s an cool move that Panasonic has […]

Elfoid: The Human-Shaped Mobile Phone

Pretty much everyone has a mobile phone today, in all shapes and sizes and different capabilities. There are smartphones with touchscreens and then there are some pretty cool concept phones out there. The Elfoid certainly fits the category of strange, and I’ll admit it, rather creepy. This Japanese invention, developed in Osaka University with the […]