MiiCraft High-Quality 3D Resin Printer

3D printers, I can never get enough of them. We’ve seen many makes and models, and many more materials that can be used in the making of your 3D creations. We’ve also seen many ways these printers function, from extrusion to carving. Now, there is the MiiCraft, and it’s able to print in high-resolution, unlike […]

ViewSonic Rivals Wacom Cintiq with 32-Inch Giant

Anyone who uses graphic tablets will probably associate them with Wacom. In fact, there are hardly any other brand of graphic tablets that are as well-known as Wacom. ViewSonic is probably most well known for their monitors, and they’re releasing a 32-Inch touch-sensitive screen to rival any Wacom Cintiq.

More Gesture Control with SoftKinetic’s DephSense 325

Gesture control is abundant nowadays, as with the Leap Motion and yet more Kinect rivals are cropping up. Another Kinect contender rushes into the fray with SoftKinetic‘s DephSense 325.

PressurePen: Pressure-Sensitive Stylus for Tablets

There have been many styli developed for both iPads and android tablets alike, but so far there have been only a limited selection in the market with pressure sensors. For the artists who want a cheaper way to using their tablet like a portable Wacom tablet with a screen, the PressurePen is your solution.