How to turn WordPress into a CMS website

These days there are so many web design companies in Malaysia, and thus the competition between them have really make life difficult for web designers. Even students and freelance web designers and programmers are in the game to make quick money. The price of designing and building a website become more and more competitive. Clients, […]

Malaysia Problogger appears on Fortune Magazine

Oh my goodness, can you believe this? Renowned magazine read all over the world, FORTUNE features Malaysia problogger, Kitkat! You don’t believe me? It’s OK, I don’t blame you. You have never even heard of Kitkat before, all you know is Liucf, how possible is it for Fortune to feature a never-heard-of-before blogger rather than […]

Will Malaysia block YouTube website?

News came in yesterday that Pakistan has blocked access to the popular video sharing website, YouTube because of objectionable video content. Reports said the content deemed offensive to Islam which resulted in the ban, included Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, and a trailer for a forthcoming film by Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders, which portrays […]

Best Pacman game ever

Wow, I absolutely must salute to the creator of this game! It’s so genius of him to create this all time favorite arcade game Pacman, but with a twist. The Anti-Pacman game is in contrary to Pacman, instead of you being the good guy, now you play the ghosts! Your goal is to catch Pacman […]

MYNIC website and whois down on 1st March 2008

Just want to share with you that you will not be able to do Malaysia country level domain name whois queries on 1st March 2008 because Mynic will be conducting planned maintenance works on that day. Received the following email a few moments ago: Please be informed that MYNIC will be conducting planned maintenance works […]

Firefox 3 t-shirt design contest

Firefox 3 is coming soon, and what would be a better way to celebrate than with a t-shirt design contest! The Firefox 3 T-Shirt Contest is hosted by the Spread Firefox community to promote the many benefits of the free web browser. The winning design will be featured as the official Firefox 3 T-Shirt in […]

WordPress 2.5 demo

WordPress 2.5 is slate for release in late March or early April this year. This upcoming newest version promises a host of new features and enhancements. If you are itchy in getting a taste of the newest WordPress before the general public release, head over to the new WordPress 2.5 demo site. The blog is […]

Nuffnang went down due to server hard disk crash

What a surprise. Nuffnang’s website went down today due to a hard disk failure. I don’t usually check Nuffnang’s website everyday so I have no idea what time the hard disk failure occurred, but the email from Timothy Tiah came in at about 3pm. According to the email, the hard disk crashed at about 12pm […]

Sony Ericsson PSPhone

Apple is very smart in turning its popular iPod into iPhone which takes the world by storm! Now, rumor has it that Sony is doing the same thing, trying to turn its market leading gaming console PSP into PSPhone! The rumor is becoming more and more real now with the following leaked pictures of the […]