Hulu – The Next Best Thing in Video Streaming

So we are all familiar with YouTube and Metacafe, both serve as video streaming platforms for users to upload and share video clips. But what about Hulu?? As I was reading through an article: You Like Hulu: Video Site Shows Strong Growth, I was having jaw-dropped moments when it announces that Hulu has been showing […]

NVIDIA Ion Goes Official

If you have been following the NVIDIA Ion story, you should know by now the long and challenging history faced by this diminutive platform as it faced down rivals from Intel and their criticisms about the viability of such a platform. There is even a rumor that the exasperated NVIDIA might be approaching and buying […]

Ultra Flat Speaker Technology

I came across this cool piece of news the other day. Researchers at the Warwick Audio Technologies, part of the Warwick University have developed what can only be described as the world’s thinnest speaker technology; at 0.25mm, that’s hard to beat. They are calling it the Flat, Flexible Loudspeaker (FFL) and it started life off […]