CUDA: Breaking the Intel & AMD Dominance

A few months ago, NVIDIA broke the news that they have acquired physics-processing company AGEIA, which manufactures the PhysX add-on card which didn’t do so well in the market. The result of that acquisition is only now starting to appear. A little bit of history lesson first; when NVIDIA first launched their Geforce 8 series […]

5 web developer add-ons for Firefox

Sometimes, it’s very difficult to be a web developer. Not only you have to worry about finances, like web hosting costs, but you have to focus on driving traffic to your site, and as much as possible make sure your community grows. Well, today, I’m going to recommend five Firefox add-ons that will make your […]

AVS DVD Player and Cooliris Firefox add-on

Today I’m going to recommend two awesome entertainment themed freebies. However, unlike the past freebies, one of these freebies is the coolest Firefox add-on I’ve seen in years. 1) AVS DVD Player Let’s say you build your own computer, but you forgot to install useful media codecs for Windows Media Player… wait, what are codecs? […]

Best Google Street View photos

Recently, there has been a lot of uproar about the introduction of street view feature in Google Maps. Street View enables users to see well, street view images of certain parts of several major cities, including those in the US, Australia and Japan. This is of course very cool. From the looks of the panoramic […]

3D side view generator

How do you see your name in 3D and from almost every angle? Use the Side View Generator. Enter your name and it will create a 3D view. It doesn’t end here obviously, it will then rotate to reveal another word from the side. It is so cool you have to try it yourself! Enter […]

OpenOffice is the biggest winner at 2008 Community Choice Awards

SourceForge should be a very familiar name to most computer and Internet users now, especially those who like open source software and applications. is the world’s largest Open Source software development web site, hosting more than 180,000 projects and the number of registered users has exceeded 1.9 million. The website is a centralized resource […]