A Chumby for You

Have you ever heard of a Chumby? No? Me too. Until today that is. A Chumby is a small little Linux computer built into a cushion. Yes, that’s what it looks like. Chumby is made to provide its users with Internet and LAN access via a Wi-Fi connection. It is actually a small touch screen […]

How to Defrag Windows Vista

I hear so many people complain about Windows Vista lately. I do have a few complaints about Vista myself, but overall I think it’s still a pretty good Operating System, including its bundled Disk Defragmenter which is located in System Tools, under Accessories. Let’s start the Windows Vista Disk Defragmenter and have a look. Looks […]

Virus Attack On Pro-Tibet Internet Users

With the torch relay event just graced us last Monday, the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 is seems to be what people are talking nowadays. It is a hot topic in the kopitiam, on the television news, in the newspapers and of course, the ever reliable Internet. But the games is hardly what’s on everyone’s mind. […]

Windows has blocked some Startup Programs

If you have followed my tip to make Windows Vista run faster, you will receive the following annoying Windows warning message in the notification area at the far right end of the taskbar: Windows has blocked some startup programs. This problem occurs because a program or service that you have earlier restricted to start using […]

3 Websites For Easier Download Search

We can now search with ease! How do you search for one particular file from a few different file hosting servers? By scouring forums after forums just to get one decent download link? Or by googling with the Google Search String? In this article, I will introduce you to some good sites used to search […]

Free photo editing software, GIMP!

Get a FREE “Photoshop” Today!!! No one can resist the temptation of having something for free. Whether it is free food, or stationeries, or a free-testing drink, as long as it is a freebie, people will line up in long queues to get it. Well, at least the good news about free software is that […]

PIKOM PC fair 2008 KLCC

I know it’s late as the latest edition of the most popular IT fair in Malaysia was concluded last week. But, I would still like to talk about this PC Fair which was held at KL Convention Center, because I know you want to see what latest gadgets you can find there. Oh no, you […]

Mobile phones now allowed onboard aircraft

“Halo, ya, the plane flying now ar…” I love travelling. I like going to see new places, experience new cultures. But I absolutely loathe flying. All the fuss about turning up at least 2 hours early at the airport, the check-in queue, the security checks, the queue to get to your seat, the babies crying, […]