Adobe Flash Player Update keeps popping up in Mac after Uninstall

Adobe Flash has been on a massive decline in recent times. Due to security concerns, tech leaders such as Google, Microsoft and Apple have exited in doves by phasing out Adobe Flash support in their products.

Recently out of curiosity I decided to install Adobe Flash Player. Around 2-3 weeks later I noticed a popup asking me to update Adobe Flash Player. I closed the pop-up but a couple of hours later it popped up again. The popup became more frequent (less than one hour apart). So I went to System Preferences and removed Adobe Flash Player. But this is not the end of the story. The annoying pop up continued even after the software was removed.

After some searching around, I found a simple solution. Go to Applications – Utilities. You will see a file called Adobe Flash Player Install Manager. Just delete it and the annoying pop-up should stop.

Note that Adobe will no longer update or distribute Flash Player effective end 2020.