MIT Makes Computer Chip That Works Like a Human Brain

One of the worst fears the people might have of robots would probably be if one day they end up replacing us, sometime in the future. Sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie? Maybe not, with this computer chip that is able to mimic the human brain’s ability to learn new tasks.

Invisible Glass Could Reduce Glare Significantly for your Handheld Device

Digital displays dominate our lives, from our small digital devices to large television screens. While not a problem with large displays, as they are hardly moved around, glare can be rather disadvantageous for our handheld devices. To solve this problem of glare, Nippon Electric Glass Co Ltd has developed an “invisible glass” that exhibited last […]

Olly: Gives You A Whiff Of The Web

There have been many ways people have tried to add the sense of smell to what we see and hear through the TV or monitor. Imagine being able to smell a field of lavender, or that delicious steak being prepared. Perhaps to some it might sound like a bad idea, but maybe it’s just able […]

Brand Table Concept Changes the Way You Order at the Food Court

Ordering food at a food court usually means placing your order at the counter and waiting in line. Australian design firm S-Digital is set to change that by implementing some technology into the fray. The Brand Table is a concept application that’s designed to take your order via a mobile device, where your item selection […]