Save Paper With Toshiba’s Erasable Toner

Photocopying has been one of the more cheaper and simpler ways of creating physical copies of documents. It’s not the best paper saver though, especially when misprints have been made. Yes, sure you can use the under side of the misprint, but mess up twice and the paper will go into the recycle bin. Now […]

SpeechJammer: Physically Disables You From Talking

Speaking comes naturally to people, and unless one is disabled, there shouldn’t be any problem with one voicing out opinions and ideas. Unless of course you were pointed at with this SpeechJammer device.

Robot Fish That Real Fish Follow

In a bout of weird technology, we see humanoid robots that so resemble humans, when put next to them they are difficult to tell apart from their human counterparts. All is clear however, when you start to interact with these robots. Fish however, seem to be much easier to fool. A pair of scientists from […]