Unitech RF scanner

Not many of us has seen an RF scanner before… not to mention touching and playing with it. Well, I had the opportunity to do just that today and needless to say I had lots of fun with it. Took a couple of pictures too.

RF scanner

The picture above is not very clear because it was taken under indoor lights. But you should be able to see that this gadget is powered by Microsoft Windows… Not sure what specific name is this Windows though… Could it be Windows Mobile. But thought it’s for PDA.

Unitech RF scanner

There aren’t much programs on this little machine. There are no games undoubtedly. After browsing through I noticed that there is a WIFI tool to let this device go online. Internet Explorer is included too. I would seriously want to get this thing online and see how will websites look in Internet Explorer.

I made a few attempts to detect my home wireless router, but too bad no luck this time. Rescan, rescan and rescan, but the wireless router is still not detected. How, do you have any tips on how to be able to discover the wireless router’s SSID?

Shh… RF stands for radio frequency. 🙂