Quirky Printers: Smell Postcards, Chocolate Photographs, Sunlight T-Shirts

Printers have long since been used to create many a document, artwork and even self-made books. We’ve also seen amazing 3D printers that make model work a piece of cake. Now here are some more innovative uses of printers that people have thought up of: Printing smells, chocolate photographs and using a bit of sunlight […]

Korean Researchers Develop Flexible Battery

Various flexible technologies have been invented, from displays to circuits to memory, so the next logical step in the process would be to create a battery to go with it. Up until now, flexible batteries have eluded manufacturers, but researchers from Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have come up with a bendable […]

Pedestrian Detection System Using WiFi Direct

For as long as cars have existed, there have been systems and devices in place to prevent people from running into pedestrians. A vigilant driver is always good for prevention, but add on top of that a wireless pedestrian detection system and hopefully more accidents can be prevented. General Motors (GM) in the US is […]

Project Holodeck Aims to Give Gamers a VR Experience

The holodeck in Star Trek: The Next Generation may be one of the best fictional examples of a virtual reality out there. Now imagine this concept brought into your very own living room. With the Occulus Rift VR display, those dreams may become reality sooner than you may think.