Student Developed App Turns Tablet Into Braille Writer

There have been many modern advances that have tried to make technology more accessible to the disabled. Certainly, there have been some companies that have tried to design specialised touchphones for the blind, and even proper laptops with Braille keys are much too expensive and rarely very useful in everyday situations. So perhaps this new […]

Poop-Powered Motorcycle Tours Japan

As far as alternative fuel sources to power our vehicles have gone, we have tried to harness from a variety of different sources, such as solar energy and electrical energy to keep those wheels turning. Now, a stranger fuel is being used to power TOTO‘s Toilet Bike Neo: human excrement.

iLuv’s WorkStation Docks Aim to turn your iPad2/Galaxy Tab into a PC

As a owner and user of a tablet I’m always looking for ways to increase usability on my device. Sometimes I can’t help but want a keyboard to type better on, or maybe some speakers to share some of my music around. Perhaps one of the most interesting docks out there is iLuv‘s WorkStation Series, […]

Scientists Recreate Viewed Images from Neural Data, Plans to do the Same to Dreams.

Scientists have long been fascinated by the human grey matter, and recent studies have been able to shed some light on how we view the world. Scientists at UC Berkeley have used brain imaging and computer simulations reconstructed from neural data to show us how images are seen inside our brains.