Change your mobile phone into Apple iPhone

I love Apple iPhone so much but cannot afford its high price tag. Come on, people are selling it at RM2700, or thereabouts last I heard in Malaysia. It’s too expensive. And of course it’s not easy to find a seller too especially after Apple announced it would track down illegall iPhones in this part […]

Good service from Streamyx

Streamyx has changed their system! Instead of taking up to 5 working days to fix a small “unable to connect to Streamyx” problem, this time it took them merely 2 hours to get the problem fixed. This morning all of a sudden my Streamyx connection died on me. I made a call and after going […]

Sites you can’t live without

It’s interesting to see what sites folks at TIME think are so important that they can’t live without. I myself have been using a few of those sites but don’t think that they are so important until I can’t live without them… Surprisingly, tops the list, but perhaps the list is not in any […]

Customize WordPress login screen

I believe for WordPress blog owners, one of the most visited page everyday apart from Malaysia Tech Blog (for the tech news and tips and tricks) is your own WordPress login page (wp-admin/). Although there has been a lot of improvements in the look and feel of this login page, especially in WordPress 2.0, but […]

Corporate WordPress theme

What’s better to start the new year with a new look for your blog? Change it’s look and feel for a fresh 2008… and hopefully you will have a more successful year in blogging ahead. Let me present you the all new Corporate WordPress theme. Picture speaks a thousand words. Look at a screen shot […]

Comfort seat for bloggers

I know most of you upcoming probloggers are spending many hours a day working on your blogs. Some of you work late into the wee hours of the day, so busy until no time even to take a break to go to the loo. Hard work to make money online indeed, I know this because […]