Sites you can’t live without

It’s interesting to see what sites folks at TIME think are so important that they can’t live without. I myself have been using a few of those sites but don’t think that they are so important until I can’t live without them…

Surprisingly, tops the list, but perhaps the list is not in any order. Frankly, I haven’t ordered anything from Amazon yet, although I do reckon that the number of stuff you can find on their online store is growing by the minute, it’s just amazing how an online bookstore can turn into in a couple of years. If you liked Amazon, I believe you will also like my online store too. Check it out.

Next in the list is I know this is a really good news website, but for my daily update, my first choice is still, and of course (PPS). How could a blogger foget PPS? 🙂

What follow BBC are two fairly unheard of sites at least in this part of the world. They are and But, I am sure no serious bloggers and website owners are not familiar with the site at the 5th position. Don’t tell me you have never heard of is a very popular site to share your favorite web links and see what other people are bookmarking.

Now, let me just list down the rest of the sites which BBC has picked – for your reference and maybe to get inspirations from!

Oh, there you are. I finally see Google. I thought you will be left out this time because of your unpredictable PageRank update in 2007! 🙂

The Internet Movie Database

YouTube! So glad I see you here. You are my source of inspirations!
Television Without Pity

There you are, 25 best sites in 2007. Read more details on TIME: 25 Sites We Can’t Live Without.

Out of the sites above, which one is your favorite which you can’t live without? Please do not tell me it’s!