Change your mobile phone into Apple iPhone

I love Apple iPhone so much but cannot afford its high price tag. Come on, people are selling it at RM2700, or thereabouts last I heard in Malaysia. It’s too expensive. And of course it’s not easy to find a seller too especially after Apple announced it would track down illegall iPhones in this part of the world.

Anyway, I have found a way to change your mobile phone into Apple iPhone. Read on if you want your Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and even Motorola to look cool! Don’t worry about the price, because it’s FREE!

iPhone pic

No, you don’t need to close your browser or restart your PC, nothing wrong with them… you are seeing a new version of iPhone. Sony Ericsson iPhone! Hahaha…

No Photoshop trick involved.

But the trick is to use a cool software called GDesk. GDesk is a customizable and extend-able desktop system designed for the UIQ systems (which phones such as Sony Ericssons use). The desktop’s design is fully customizable and you can place applications as well as shortcuts and page links in anyway you fancy.

Check out one of the design I loaded on my GDesk which is running on my Sony Ericsson P1i.


Not bad, right? This is just one of the hundreds of GDesk designs you can download and use on your phone. Some of them look futuristic, some are cool and of course some are hot and sexy with pretty chicks! No need to say, I downloaded all the sexy designs! 🙂

iPhone design

With a few clicks, my phone is turned into an iPhone instantly… simple like that. The icons and the shortcuts can be customized to start any application you want. Take a look at a video I recorded. You will love this I am sure!