Good service from Streamyx

Streamyx has changed their system! Instead of taking up to 5 working days to fix a small “unable to connect to Streamyx” problem, this time it took them merely 2 hours to get the problem fixed. This morning all of a sudden my Streamyx connection died on me. I made a call and after going through the usual troubleshooting the lady finally gave up and filed a report.

Surprisingly the problem was fixed after about 2 hours and the technician not only called to ask about the Streamyx condition, he or his system even sms-ed me a status report.

Streamyx SMS

Not bad eh? 🙂

I am not sure since when they have this new system. But to me, it’s my first time receiving such a SMS from Streamyx and it’s definitely make me feel good to be able to go online again after a couple of hours. Last time, I usually needed to wait up to a few working days to have any problem fixed.

So, Streamyx haters and lovers, what do you have to say on Streamyx?