5 reasons why you should start a BANS shop and start making money off eBay

Those bastards at eBay control the online marketplace and being the multi-billion market that it is, cashing in seems a reasonable way to make money online. One of the best way to profit off eBay is to start a BANS (Build a Niche Store), which happens to be one of the hottest and fastest growing money making concept on the web today. What’s important is it actually works!


Here’s why you absolutely MUST setup a BANS store today:

1. USABILITY – BANS are easy to set up and customize – you are offered templates and scripts to help you customize your store. I find it’s a great bargain. For US$97, you get around US$500 worth of stuff. If you buy the template elsewhere and hire a programmer for the scripting, or buy the ready-made scripts from somewhere else, you’ll probably end up hurting your pockets pretty hard.

2. FIRE AND FORGET – You get the benefits of having an online store, but not the nuisances – you don’t need to offer your buyers customer support, you don’t have to worry about shipping the products, you don’t have to worry about order forms and so forth. Just stick the products on your website, directly from the eBay products database and you’’re set for selling and earning affiliate cash. You can easily launch your BANS and let it make sales for you, just check your account regularly to see how much revenue you have made!

This is what they call make money in your pajamas!

3. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – One of the biggest problems with online stores is the difficulty of optimizing them for the Search Engines (especially ready-made CMS stores). Dynamic links, automated content, duplicate entries, duplicate tags and several other factors can be hard to optimize on a standard online store. BANS on the other hand are made with Search Engine optimization in mind and offer some great advantages in this sense.

In other words, your store powered by BANS will be search engine optimized and is bound to get a lot of relevant traffic from search engines. Traffic = Sales = Profit.

4. CUSTOMER SUPPORT – The BANS team is well known for its quality customer support services, despite the odd “OMG, I didn’t get an answer for a whole day” forum thread. In general, people are happy with the support and if the BANS team can’t help you, most likely another user can. By buying a BANS store, you also gain access to their forum, which is currently populated by somewhere close to 30,000 informative posts.

5. EXTRA MONETIZATION VALUE – You can fill in the gaps in monetization with AdSense or any other PPC program, or even affiliate programs. As long as what you’re using for extra monetization is a-OK with eBay’s terms and conditions, feel free to bump up your earnings.

Admittedly, one could also find some disadvantages when it comes to BANS. For example, if you create a custom CMS specifically aimed at being perfect for SEO, you might do better than with a BANS in Google, Yahoo and the rest of the crew. However, such a CMS would cost you quite a lot both in monetary terms and in times and effort. So for US$97 you’re getting a great bargain.

So, what are you waiting for?! Build your niche store today with BANS.