Customize WordPress login screen

I believe for WordPress blog owners, one of the most visited page everyday apart from Malaysia Tech Blog (for the tech news and tips and tricks) is your own WordPress login page (wp-admin/). Although there has been a lot of improvements in the look and feel of this login page, especially in WordPress 2.0, but I am sure you would like to customize it further. Put your own logo or design in and make it sexy!

To customize the login screen, you can do it the geek way. Go to the “wp-admin/images” folder on your WordPress server and change the two images login-bkg-tile.gif and login-bkg-bottom.gif. This could be easy enough if you are familiar with Photoshop and should be safe since you are not editing any PHP file.

WordPress login

However, if you are not so much of a geek and would like to do it more elegantly, then get this Custom Login Plugin from Binarymoon. This plugin will make the work so much easier because it comes with an image template in PSD which will help you with the design. You just put your new image in the layered PSD file and it will retain the rounded borders. Make the customization work so much easier and quicker.

Check out my customized login screen. Sexy or not?

Malaysia Tech Blog

Okay, perhaps it’s not really SEXY. Dark color and no girls, how sexy can it be? Perhaps a little later, I will design one with some sexy chicks in it, what say you? 🙂