Quickly eject USB devices

USB devices are really common these days, especially pendrives because they are much easier to use than the bulky DVDs, CDs or even the now obsolete Floppy Disks. Furthermore, pendrives are very cheap nowadays and the price is still dropping! One 8GB pendrive now should cost less than MYR10. But, the problem is that while […]

How to Defrag Windows Vista

I hear so many people complain about Windows Vista lately. I do have a few complaints about Vista myself, but overall I think it’s still a pretty good Operating System, including its bundled Disk Defragmenter which is located in System Tools, under Accessories. Let’s start the Windows Vista Disk Defragmenter and have a look. Looks […]

Windows has blocked some Startup Programs

If you have followed my tip to make Windows Vista run faster, you will receive the following annoying Windows warning message in the notification area at the far right end of the taskbar: Windows has blocked some startup programs. This problem occurs because a program or service that you have earlier restricted to start using […]

Easiest way to make Windows Vista run faster

Of course there are numerous ways you can do to tweak your Windows Vista system to make it run faster. You could do the following: De-fragment your hard disk Apply windows updates Uninstall unnecessary software Do a through scan and remove viruses and trojans Clean up the Windows Registry Optimize the RAM and virtual memory […]

What is svchost.exe?

This article interests you because you have been wondering why on earth there are so many processes running with the weird name svchost.exe. Nope, you can’t stop them or your system may crash faster than you know it. What is svchost.exe? Is it a virus or trojan?! Fear not. Svchost.exe is actually a system process […]

Running Telnet on Windows Vista

I know people might have forgotten what’s Telnet already because this ancient old program is not secure and people have more favor for secure Telnet and SSH clients such as Putty. Telnet is not even installed in standard Windows Vista installation. Nevertheless, Telnet is still useful if you just want to use it to troubleshoot […]